An idea for a children's book that I wrote and pitched. Unfortunately it didn't get picked up, but it was a lot of fun to try something new. Maybe one of these days I'll finish it and self-publish.

My Dad says the Dodos are all extinct.
He says it’s “so certain, it’s printed in ink.”
“Too dumb to run, and too big to fly.
They were easy to catch. No wonder they died!”
My Dad says the Dodos, indeed, are all gone.
But I know the truth. I’ll prove it at dawn!
I found a big clue in a dusty old book.
It’s all right there! You just need to look!
My dad shook his head no and repeated himself.
But I’ll find the truth. I’ll prove it myself!
So I built a boat from a rusty wheelbarrow, 
Marking its front with a white painted arrow.
A sheet for a sail and a broom for a mast. 
After grabbing some snacks, I set sail at last.
The winds were quite strong, the sea was quite wavy.
Still I pressed on. My own one-girl navy!
Then the clouds opened up, and the sun shone at last.
I spotted an island! Drop anchor! Avast!
Hopping ashore, I explored far and wide.
At first I found nothing. Then I spotted an eye!
Out of the bushes walked some marvelous things:
Brown, fuzzy birds, with short, stubby wings!
The Dodos gracefully bowed, and in English quite proper,
Said, “Salutations, young lady, you’re quite a globe-trotter!
Nobody else has discovered us here.
Our island is hidden. We’ve had nothing to fear.”
Dodos! Said I. I’m destined for greatness.
When I tell folks back home, I’m sure to be famous!
Then all of a sudden, the Dodos looked sad.
“Please consider this, first: If you tell, we’ll be had!”
“All that we wish is to live here in peace.
If people find out, our lives all shall cease.”
Then I frowned and I thought, while scratching my head.
These birds were my friends! They shouldn’t be dead!
The sun started to set, so I hopped back in my ship, 
Waving goodbye as I started my trip.
Heading towards home, the sky started to boom.
But I was thinking of the Dodo’s possible doom.
I ran in from the storm, and onto the rug.
My Dad swept me up in a great big bear hug.
He said, “Where have you been? I was starting to worry.
It’s getting dark outside. It’s almost five-thirty.”
I opened my mouth, to speak of the Dodos,
But rather than that, I asked for hot cocoa.
My Dad says the Dodos are all extinct.
But I know the truth. Hush, hush, and wink, wink.